Emission-free and quiet snowmobile with a range of 100 km

Aurora Powertrains Ltd. unveiled its first electric snowmobile in 2018. This model was converted to a combustion engine snowmobile frame, but the company’s new eSled Aurora, introduced at the end of last year, is designed as an electric from the ground up.

”The snowmobile frame and composite structure are designed with electric snowmobile conditions in mind. This allowed us to double the capacity of the new snowmobile battery while keeping the weight the same,” says the company’s CEO Matti Autioniemi.

eSled weighs 270 kilograms and the 21 kWh battery of the snowmobile is sufficient for about a hundred kilometers of off-road driving at a steady travel pace.

”The battery of the snowmobile must be completely waterproof, and in addition, cold, continuous vibration, and possible shocks must also be taken into account in the design. The snowmobile is an extremely challenging design project.”

The 50 kW eSled snowmobile has not yet undergone official performance measurements, but it undoubtedly accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in under five seconds

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