Frequently asked questions

Here are frequently asked questions to help you find answers to potential inquiries. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to contact our customer service – we are here to ensure you fully enjoy the world of electric snowmobiling.

  • How eSled is involved with 007?

    If any secret agent drives eSled, he or she does it secretly. But we can reveal something. It takes just 0,07 seconds to get the power out of eSled´s battery module.

    eSleds are perfect power storages when connected via bidirectional charging. If power grid falls down, replacing actions must be extremely quick and power feed stable. Also, eSled fleet can lead to great energy savings: you can charge cheap electricity nighttime and use energy when prices are high.

    So to say, eSled is one of the coolest energy storages in the world. Now your snowmobile can be used 365 days a year.

  • eSled by numbers: 100 (hundred)

    eSled is 100% electric snowmobile. From drawing board to production line, every single part of eSled is designed to snowmobile with electric technology. And not to forget the online software app, which applies full control to snowmobile. 100% engineered for eSled.

    eSled´s range is about 100 km with 21 kWh battery module. And our battery technology is 100% produced for harsh, extremely cold winter conditions.

    eSled is the official partner of European Ski Classics tour. TV production crews drive 100% emission free eSleds when filming these 100 km competitions.

  • eSled by numbers: 0 (zero)

    While driving, eSled is totally emission free electric snowmobile. It causes no CO2-emission, no gasoline or oil pollution. Not even smell to the driven areas.

    Living in Arctic Circle, Finland, we strongly realize the effects of climate change. Every single step for reducing CO2 emissions is important, and eSled is the answer from our side. Modern electric snowmobile used for outdoor recreation and work.

    eSleds are safe to `fuel´. Just pure electricity, zero fear of any liquid leakage.

  • How does the eSled suspension work?

    eSled´s patented front suspension, composite chassis structure and carefully designed driving ergonomics are signs of electric snowmobile revolution.

    Driving feel is precise and controlling even challenging trail conditions is easy.

    eSled´s driver and passenger can enjoy curvy trails safely and comfort. And after your 100 km outdoor trip your muscles do not first yell heavy massage.

  • How long range is enough?

    eSled´s range is 100 km when operating with 21 kWh battery pack. To most snowmobilers this range is enough. Near future, when charging network spreads along the trails, range of course increases.

    Most guided tour operators offer 2-3 hours ride, where people will get about 30 km snowy adventure. In that case, eSleds can operate 3 tours with one charge.

    Today the “super-sledders” who want to drive even 600 miles a day, must choose petrol engines. But the future will be electrified.

  • Is eSled a brand of some major snowmobile manufacturer?

    eSled is an electric snowmobile manufactured by Finnish company Aurora Powertrains Oy. APT’s top professionals are responsible for everything. From design to product development and testing, from materials management to software and industrial production.

    eSled’s pre-series snowmobiles have been ridden by thousands of international adventure tourists, total over 200,000 km. Every kilometer has been traveled comfortably and safely.

    eSled contains numerous patented solutions. The new factory is in Finland, in Mikkeli.

  • Is eSled the Tesla of snowmobiles?

    The answer is no. It is the eSled of snowmobiles. We wanted to make the revolution for an engineered snow vehicle of almost 100 years age.

    eSled is a modern snowmobile that feels smooth to drive and works reliably even in tough conditions. Every eSled is equipped with an integrated fleet management software for perfect control of the vehicle. And not to forget state-of-art design and patented mechanic solutions.

    Our goal was to make eSled that feels like a good partner to the owner. Each eSled and all our products has a big hint of passion included.

  • What kind of batteries are used in eSled?

    eSled´s battery system is modular, and you can have your eSled with power of 7, 14 or 21 kWh. Battery modules and operating system software have been developed and manufactured by Aurora Powertrains Ltd.

    The emission-free eSled’s battery module and BMS / PDU have been designed and proven to operate in harsh Arctic conditions. Proprietary module interconnection system maximizes pack level energy density.

    Quality state-of-the-art components keeps the battery at optimum temperature even in the toughest conditions and lets the rider squeeze every spark out of the batteries.

  • Will eSled´s range drop in extremely tough conditions?

    The heart of the electric snowmobile is designed to survive in the Arctic.

    eSled´s battery unit has internal heating with resistors at the bottom of each module. eSled´s thermal management system takes care of the optimum temperature. Heat of battery and adjusted temperature range turns on heating or cooling when necessary. The cooling is external with liquid.

    If the riding conditions will get extremely harsh, -40°C for example, we believe most snowmobilers will give up. eSled´s battery doesn´t.

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