Ski resorts focus to use only CO2-emission free technology

Ski resorts in Nordic countries are looking to new technology to reduce CO2 emissions in all operations. Both alpine resort and cross-country ski trails services are among those who chase zero emission targets. An electric snowmobile produces no emissions during operation. It is quiet and odorless, ensuring that wildlife, skiers, and other outdoor enthusiasts go undisturbed by electric snowmobilers.

“Fully electric snowmobiles must deliver under tough conditions in alpine ski slopes. The sled must have enough power and energy to climb up even the steepest hills”, says Matti Autioniemi, CEO of Aurora Powertrains Oy, the Finnish company behind eSled-snowmobiles. “Our snowmobile does that. eSled has a total range of 100 km with 21 kWh battery and it recharges on descent with regenerative braking.”

The new technology provides the rider with an even more comfortable riding experience. One of eSled´s client described it in these words: “Your sled is stable and smooth to drive, like a train. But agile enough to take me wherever I want to go!”

The electric snowmobile’s economy is in a league of its own. It consumes only approximately 21 kWh of energy for a 100 km ride on trail. (equivalent to just a few Euros).

Six times around the Earth

The patented electric and mechanical solutions have been tested in the challenging conditions of the North.

– Our pre-production electric snowmobiles have been in use on Svalbard (Norway) and Finnish Lapland since 2019. Thousands of international adventure travelers have driven our electric snowmobiles a total of over 200,000 km, says APT´s CEO Matti Autioniemi.

– Every kilometer is safe and environmentally friendly. The eSled’s features are controlled with our cloud-connected software, optimizing energy consumption, and enabling online updates and maintenance.

– In guided tour use, the power settings can be adjusted for inexperienced drivers. In addition, the guide can monitor the location of each eSled on the screen, ensuring that the group stays together safely, Autioniemi says.

Snowmobile in action, 365 days a year

– We want our snowmobile to be the ultimate forerunner. eSled offers vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. That means you can use the energy stored in the eSled´s battery and push it back to the power grid when plugged in to a compatible DC charger. You can charge the battery with green energy and use it from storage when needed,  Autioniemi adds.

Modern technology offers snowmobile fleet operators new ancillary services. -eSleds can be connected to the electric grid and generate money even in the summertime, Matti Autioniemi highlights.

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