Finland's eSled Shows the World What Years of Snowmobile R&D in the Arctic Can Yield covers eSled’s development and new model eSled Aurora in a recently published article written by Cristian Curmei.

”I recently covered an article on Pininfarina and Vidde, who are claiming to have built the world’s first electric snowmobile. With that in mind, I asked myself the question: is there no one else!? Well, there is, and Aurora Powertrains is here to show us what they’ve been working on in recent years.

”With the heavy interest in electric drivetrains in recent years, we’re seeing an explosion of vehicles that were never electric nor imagined they would ever be. One vehicle taking the spotlight today is Aurora Powertrains’ eSled, an electric snowmobile that, frankly, is showing up to the game with some rather impressive stats.”

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