The future of snowmobiling is forged in the demanding conditions of the Arctic Circle.

The Nature

Located in Finland, country of four seasons, we truly recognize the effects of climate change. Our nature offers superb possibilities for outdoor people and these circumstances we highly respect. As a part of electric motions revolution, APT has the real focus on nature.

eSled produces zero CO2 emissions and operates silently, causing no harm to animals or other outdoor people, skiers for example. eSled does not leave behind gasoline or oil pollution, even smell to driven areas.

The Passion

When the group of enthusiastic university students decided to concentrate on how to electrize snowmobiles, were the first steps for APT eSled taken. But if you want to make the revolution for a engineered machine of almost 100 years old, you really need the hottest passion.

We wanted to create a modern snowmobile that feels smooth to drive and works reliably even in tough conditions. Our goal was to make eSled that feels like a friend to the owner. Not to forget state-of-art engineering, each eSled and all our products has a big hint of passion included.

The Partnership

The partnership is everything that matters. APT has superb key suppliers around the world who support us the best possible technologies to our solutions. Continuous R&D is our key to success and with our partners we win together.

Each eSled client is our partner, no matter will you have one or dozen eSleds. From the first touch for your new eSled, we warmly welcome you on our team. Unique MyeSled app offers you online-solution to keep in touch with your sled and also with us.