The heart of the electric snowmobile is designed to survive in the Arctic

The emission-free eSled’s battery module and BMS / PDU have been designed and proven to operate in harsh Arctic conditions. Proprietary module interconnection system maximizes pack level energy density.

Thermal management

The heart of the electric snowmobile is designed to survive in the Arctic. Quality state-of-the-art components keeps the battery at optimum temperature even in the toughest conditions and lets the rider squeeze every last spark out of the batteries.


Battery | Range | Dry weight
Modular Lithium-Ion NMC
Maximum voltage
120 VDC
CCS Combo 2
Charging Power (Type2)
3.3kW or 6.6kW
Charging Power (DC)
Up to 30kW depending on battery capacity
Charging time (Type2)
2 h for 10%-80% 3,5 h for 0-100% (21 kWh)
Battery heating
Internal heating with resistors, located at the bottom of the module When charging: from the grid power When driving: powered by the battery’s own energy
External liquid cooling system
Battery capacity
Battery capacity
Total weight of sled
7 kWh
40 km
195 kg
10,5 kWh
50 km
215 kg
14 kWh
60 km
235 kg
17,5 kWh
80 km
255 kg
21 kWh
100 km
275 kg

* Projected overall range achievable under optimal driving conditions with a fully charged battery, assuming a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Actual range may vary based on various factors and driving conditions.