Jasmi Joensuu and eSled collaborate

Skier Jasmi Joensuu and Aurora Powertrains Oy have entered into a multi-year collaboration agreement. The Äänekoski Finnish National Championships were indeed a great start to the partnership, with Jasmi once again ascending to the podium. Congratulations once again on the bronze medal in the 5-kilometer free-style race at the 2024 Championships!

Jasmi and eSled’s values align perfectly: we are Finnish, we have a tremendous amount of energy, and we love nature. International goals and passionate commitment to continuous development move us forward, 365 days a year.

Like the 2025 model eSled, Jasmi also moves swiftly. In addition to domestic goals, our common sights are set internationally: the FIS World Cup, the 2025 World Championships in Trondheim, and the Milan-Cortina Olympics in 2026.

For us, partnership means succeeding together. We warmly welcome Jasmi to the eSled team!

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