SkiClassics TV-Crew goes CO2-emission free

European SkiClassics TV-crew uses eSled electric snowmobiles when filming. They do not cause any disturbs for skiers at their hard work: no smell, no CO2-emissions, no noise. Thus the audience in the events and millions of TV-watchers around the world can hear the real sound of eSled: silence.

6.4. Reistadløpet – a breathtaking adventure above the Arctic Circle

Reistadløpet race course profile is known as one of the hardest in Ski Classics. The race starts in Setermoen, which is in the municipality of Bardu in Norway, and goes through arctic landscapes and mountain tops before reaching the finish line in Bardufoss in the municipality of Målelv

7.4. Summit 2 Senja – Last season’s event of the year

The 60-kilometer race starts in Bardufoss and ends in Finnsnes, passing through fantastic landscapes. Summit 2 Senja is a race from the mountains to the fjords, involving two more municipalities, Sørreisa and Senja.

The Summit 2 Senja race has its origins in Reistadløpet’s motto: “Develop skiing in the region.” This is a collaborative project with the purpose to establish a unique infrastructure for skiing and public health, with a main network of 100km of ski trails between Finnsnes and Setermoen.

13.4. Ski Classics Grand Finale Janteloppet

Janteloppet, a Ski Classics Challengers event last season, is a unique skiing race in Hafjell. The original 20km event conceived by the renowned traditional cross-country skier and Pro Team athlete Petter Northug Jr., Team Northug Crucible, brings together the World’s top skiers, young talents, enthusiasts, and recreational skiers, delivering fun, memorable moments, and competitive spirit in equal proportions.

The event is a unique 100-kilometer long-distance lapping challenge that promises to deliver a riveting spectacle.

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