Snowmobiles now in use 365 days in a year

The expert for charging solutions InterControl Oy and the manufacturer of electric snowmobiles Aurora Powertrains Oy are presenting the first bidirectional charging for snowmobiles. The both companies from Finland were at Nordic EV Summit in Oslo in April 2024 with this truly electrifying solution for the mobile environment.

” Electric snowmobiles are entering the market with a significant speed. eSled Aurora is not producing any CO2- or other emissions, it is odourless and quiet and do not disturb other people in the nature. Stable and agile behaviour in driving is also appreciated by the drivers, all smiling during their test drives, states Matti Autioniemi, CEO of Aurora Powertrains Oy.

The economic efficiency in an electric snowmobile is on a class of it’s own. On the track eSled usage of electricity is on the level of only 21 kWh in 100 km (even under the cost of 2€) added with minimalistic service fees.

”We want our electric snowmobile to be the absolute frontrunner in the field. Together with InterControl Latinki 11 DC -charger our eSled Aurora offers the vehicle to grid  technology (V2G) as the first in the world.” tells Mr. Autioniemi.

This real functional V2G -solution transfers eSled to a energy storage with the possibility to manage the electricity in the battery pack optimally. For example the cheap electricity from the stock exchange or the solar power are taking care of ”filling the tank” and you can decide to use it from there according to your needs, every day of the year!” thrilled Mr. Autioniemi continues.

In addition to the enormous decline in CO2-emissions and savings V2G is offering other new opportunities to snowmobile operators. For example the ski resorts, experience travel entrepreneurs and the institutions in public domain may use their fleet of eSled as a part of their emergency power solutions for the electric grid. In this way the snowmobiles are also in use during the off-season earning euros, not only collecting dust, highlights Matti Autioniemi.

”The cooperation with Aurora Powertrains has opened new possibilities to use our V2G -charging solution. The open-minded and determined way forward according to the new standards has enabled to build a working 15118-20 bidirectional charging process, which uses the central charging components in both eSled and Latinki 11 we manufacture from different manufacturers. This is the reason why we emphasize especially the importance of the compatible solutions, in order to everybody being able to build solutions to this new V2G environment.”

”We would like to thank especially our strategic partner, Ambibox GmbH, for enabling and developing these solutions.” states the CEO of InterControl Oy Ilkka Ilola and stresses the importance to have next the car manufacturers to come together and taking the next step to enable the common development of V2G environment.

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Aurora Powertrains Oy

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InterControl Oy

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Image of Aurora Powertrains Oy’s electric snowmobile
Image of InterControl Oy’s bidirectional V2G DC charger

Aurora Powertrains Ltd develops and manufactures eSled electric snowmobiles as well as battery systems based on their own battery modules. The battery system is modular and offers high performance. APT’s systems are used by manufacturers of electric boats, small machinery, and tracked vehicles, among others. The company was founded in 2017. The product development unit is located in Rovaniemi, and the production facility is in Mikkeli.

InterControl Oy is a company founded in 2011 that offers charging and energy solutions in Finland, Nordic and Baltic countries. InterControl is part of the ITR Group, whose work community has around 40 people and the office is located in Turku, Finland.

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