Electric mobility day in Mikkeli

Electric mobility day in Mikkeli 18.5.2024 represented eSled® electric snowmobile, Valkama electric boats and Viva electric jets. Each of them has the same heart: Aurora Powertrains battery modules and control systems.

Electric vehicles offer a low-emission alternative to traditional combustion engine vehicles. Electric mobility promotes sustainable transport and helps reduce environmental problems caused by climate change.
Mikkeli now has the right ingredients to develop a functional cluster for electric mobility. Companies include an electric boat manufacturer, Valkama, snowmobile company Aurora Powertrains and a electric jet manufacturer Viva.
”I see the Silicon Valley model as a good one, where professionals in the same field work together, and experts can occasionally work for another company. It’s good to have expertise in our own field available just around the corner. We can discuss anything from the lifespan of electric batteries to voltage at any time”, explains Altti Näsi from Viva.
All companies have own R&D and manufacturing setups, but in each vehicle can be found Aurora Powertrains batteries. ”Our modules and software can be installed to multiple vehicles, but every one of them has individual solutions. For example having good, but economical speed on snow or on water are totally different challenges”, says Matti Autioniemi, CEO of Aurora Powertrains Oy.
He continues. ”Overall, we have strong expertise in the electrification of vehicles. Therefore, we can offer OEM manufacturers a solution that significantly accelerates the process from concept to finished product.”

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